17th November 1942: A bungled 'surrender' has fatal consequences for most of the crew of 'one of the best known U-Boats operating in the Mediterranean'
21st October 1942: A promising Red Army marksman Vassili Zaitsev- soon to become a legend, later featured in books and movies - begins his deadly work
13th November 1942: In a enormously destructive encounter both sides suffer ship losses - but the US Navy decisively ends the Japanese threat to…
25th November 1942: Hitler decides that the 6th Army should not attempt to break out from Stalingrad
11th November 1942: Part of a detailed account by a German soldier of his involvement in an infantry assault that took place on this day
14th November 1942: The Japanese navy suffers a 'crushing defeat' despite inflicting serious losses on the smaller US naval force
15th October 1942: The Soviet perspective on just one day - when many battles are fought across the city
A tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who devoted her life to public duty
From high summer through to the winter - steps along the road to the encirclement of the German 6th Army
26th November 1942: There is only a narrow window of opportunity if the German forces in Stalingrad are to make an attempt to escape.
20th August 1942: A scout for the US Marine Corps on Guadalcanal refuses to give up their positions under torture by the Japanese
15th December 1941: The German photographic evidence taken at the Skede Beach massacre Liepāja, Latvia