21st January 1942: The see-saw war in North Africa continues - as German forces seek to reverse recent British successes
20th January 1942: Nazis meet at the Wannsee 'Villa on the Lake' to organise the murder of every Jew in Europe
19th January 1942: The Nazis prepare for the murder of the millions living in the Polish ghettos
18th January 1942: The Australians mount another surprise attack in the Malayan jungle
17th January 1942: U-boat commanders relish the Second 'Happy Time'
16 January 1942: Churchill returns from his visit to see President Roosevelt in the White House by air - and just avoids calamity on his return
A second excerpt from Volume I: From the Moscow Winter Offensive to Operation Zitadelle
15th January 1942: Australian infantry in Malaya inflict heavy casualties but face aircraft attacks and tanks
14th January 1942: Decisions taken before the war have fatal consequences for seven young men
13th January 1942: A solitary bomber brings death and destruction to a small town on the coast of England
12th January 1942: First Medal of Honor won by a soldier in World War II
11th January 1942: RAF Liberator from Coastal Command catches U-Boat and merchant ship in surprise attack