30th March 1943: An attempt to take the hilltop feature 'Recce Ridge' by infantry assault alone sees one Company wiped out
29th March 1943: A graphic eye witness account of US heavy artillery preparing the ground for a tank attack
28th March 1943: In Warsaw gentile Poles take enormous risks to provide Jews with a refuge
27th March 1943: A British General give his account of the final stages of the 'Left Hook' during the Mareth Line battles
26th March 1943: A vivid account of a tank battle 80 years ago today, during the Mareth Line 'Left Hook'
26th March 1943: Lieutenant Ngarimu wins first VC for Maoris, fighting to the death with his men
25th March 1943: The reality of Jungle warfare for a young officer
24th March 1943: A seasoned veteran watches as fresh new troops encounter the reality of life on the front
23 March 1943: A survivors account of how even being transported up to the area where they were forced to work was an appalling ordeal for Allied POWs
22nd March 1943: The Khatyn atrocity is now remembered as representative of hundreds of similar actions that took place in Belarus
21st March 1943: As the British Eighth Army attacks the German positions, a flanking move into the desert is discovered by the Luftwaffe
20th March 1943: A British war correspondent is impressed by the quantity and quality of American equipment and supplies