2nd July 1942: The British House of Commons holds another 'vote of confidence' in the Prime Minister and he defends his handling of the war to date
1 July 1942: The worst maritime disaster to befall Australia as over 1000 POWs and civilian internees drown
30th June 1942: Illustrated example of how aircraft were now countering the U-boat menace - as a US Navy Martin PBM Mariner surprises U-158 on the…
29th June 1942: The British choose to break out to the east rather than make another stand in a port town
28th June 1942: The massed Wehrmacht and Waffen SS forces launch 'Fall Blau', heading deep into the south of Russia, ignoring Moscow
27th June 1942: An extraordinary act of courage and determination by former Durham miner lets fellow soldiers escape the German onslaught
26th June 1942: U boats are pushed out into the Caribbean as the rich pickings of the US East coast come to an end
How stage by stage the SS refined their methods of mass murder during the 'Holocaust by Bullets' in the second half of 1941
25th June 1942: The third and last of the '1000 bomber raids' - but casualties are mounting due to the use of crews still in training
24th June 1942: The Wehrmacht continue to implement Hitlers order to eliminate the political officers within the ranks of the Red Army
23rd June 1942: SS officer has a proposal to make use of the 2-3 million Jews who are 'fit for work' out of the 10 million European Jews now condemned…
22nd June 1942: As RAF Bomber Command becomes an ever more potent threat the Luftwaffe respond with the 'Y system'- all part of a continuing arms race