21st October 1941: Wehrmacht troops murder at least 2,300 men and boys in reprisal shooting in the former capital of Serbia
20 October 1941: The historic 1812 battlefield and key Russian military monument is captured - but what does it portend?
19th October 1941: The Holocaust is widened to include German citizens - who now start arriving in the ghettoes established in Poland
18th October 1941: British Propaganda film shows how the country is resolute in 'hitting back' against Nazi Germany
17th October 1941: U.S.S. Kearny is torpedoed as it aids convoy near Iceland
Memories of Action, Capture and Escape
16th October 1941: Two month siege by Romanian Army finally ends as Soviets abandon port
15th October 1941: The SS begin to submit reports on the scale of the mass executions that became known as the 'Holocaust by Bullets'
14th October 1941: In a relatively quiet week 'only' 61 people are killed.
13th October 1941: A surgeon arriving in Tobruk Hospital sees an unexpected attitude from the enlisted men
12th October 1941: The Russian Ambassador to Britain notes the tremendous support for Soviet Russia in Britain but questions Churchill's intent
11th October 1941:Lives saved by indoor shelter as a random bombing raid brings sudden death to Whitstable