21st May 1942: Another victory for RAF Spitfires against Messerschmitt 109s
20th May 1942: As the Monsoon breaks the longest retreat in British history ends as the marchers reach India
19th May 1942: The Nazis tighten their inexorable grip on the Jews of rural Poland
18th May 1942: Overwhelming Wehrmacht firepower breaks the Red Army on the Kerch Peninsula in the eastern Crimea
17th May 1942: A costly RAF Coastal Command attack on the German heavy cruiser fails to damage her
16th May 1942: The Prime Minister promises that better times will eventually come as he addresses a massed crowd in Leeds
15th May 1942: The unlucky cruiser runs the gauntlet of torpedos and bombs as she struggles to return to Britain for proper repairs
The Plots, Places and People that Almost Changed History
14th May 1942: The LRDG experiment with 'lobbing bombs' into moving enemy vehicles and try various methods overnight
13th May 1942: South African troops set out across the barbed wire and minefields to ambush the Italians
12th May 1942: The forcible relocation and internment of Japanese Americans continues with relative civility - but remains an occasion of great sadness
11th May 1942: As a new extermination centre opens more Jews are sent, in the most appalling conditions, from the ghettos across Poland