World War II Today was originally a blog, written day by day on the seventieth anniversary of the war. It attracted a strong following.

“A wonderful descriptive and well researched website – one of the best on the net. Please continue with your fine work. Important part of all of our history – no matter which country you are from.”

Now published as a newsletter, the original stories are being continually revised and refreshed.

Every day World War II Today examines just one episode from the war every day, eighty years after the event.

All the key events of the war are covered but there is much, much more. As often as possible we look at an event as experienced by those who were there. The personal experience of war - drawn from the diaries and memoirs of hundreds of individuals - is a central theme.

The aim is to include as many different perspectives as possible - combatants from all sides and all theatres appear. Alongside these are many civilian witnesses - from victims of the holocaust or families at home through to national politicians.

And every week we take a longer look at some aspect of the war, not necessarily linked chronologically. Some personal experiences are also featured here but a much wider range of topics whether political, strategic, technical etc are included.

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Martin Cherrett
Started the popular blog 'World War II Today' in 2009, and has been writing about the war every day ever since.