24th September 1942: Hitler sacks his Chief of Staff as casualties mount on the Eastern Front
23rd September 1942: As the Eighth Army builds up in Western Desert units with varying degrees of experience prepare for battle
22 September 1942: A Romanian officer describes conditions in Soviet Russia
21st September 1942: Prisoners of war of the Japanese live in appalling conditions and face torture and death if they attempt to escape
20th September 1942: Operation Muskatoon - a joint Commando / Special Operation Executive raid incenses Hitler and leads to dire consequences
19th September 1942: A graphic account of being selected for a working party outside Auschwitz
This weeks excerpt looks at the plans made by the Special Operations Executive for 'Operation Foxley'
18th September 1942: The Germans face a determined resistance inside the ruined city, where numerous small pockets of Red Army troops hold out
17th September 1942: After receiving a shrapnel wound to the knee a German soldier must wait over a month before he is evacuated
16th September 1942: U-Boats gathered for a rescue operation in the south Atlantic are bombed despite flying the Red Cross flag
15th September 1942: Delivering Commandos to Norway by Submarine
14th September 1942: The Arctic convoy to Russia continues to come under attack but find the tactics to fight off the worst of the assault