8th February 1943: A Soviet officer cadet endures guard duty and training exercises in the Siberian winter
7th February 1943: Slow Convoy 118 from Nova Scotia to Britain is hit hard off Ireland
6th February 1943: Manstein meets Hitler and assesses his approach to military decision making
Seven Years as a Soviet Prisoner of War
5th February 1943: A rare account of how the Nazis suddenly turned to try to cover up the evidence of their mass killing centres
4th February 1943: Churchill reviews a parade of the victorious Eighth Army in Tripoli
3rd February 1943: Tragedy and heroism at sea as the SS Dorchester is torpedoed in the North Atlantic with great loss of life
2nd February 1943: As the US Army begins its first engagements in the European Theatre in Tunisia, the grim reality of war suddenly emerges
1st February 1943: As he learns of the Stalingrad surrender Hitler is upset that Paulus did not 'take the road to eternity'

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31st January 1943: With his HQ surrounded Friedrich Paulus, the 6th Army commander, personally surrenders but the remainder of his army just…
30th January 1943: As Germany faces setbacks on every front, Hitler demands that the German 'Volk' prepare for an all or nothing struggle
An excerpt from the inside story of Stalingrad by the Staff Officer who watched the disaster unfold.