27th September 1941: Royal Navy 'Force H' fights back in the Mediterranean
26th September 1941: German infantryman describes living conditions in Russia
Reassessing the Great Patriotic War
25th September 1941: A narrow escape when the 'Desert Fox' accompanies a armoured raid into the desert
24th September 1941: Soviet writer Ilya Ehrenburg on German General's orders
23 September 1941: The British Army has little sympathy for those falling ill
22 September 1941: Wehrmacht officer's eyewitness evidence of mass murder
21st September 1941: Convoy to Gibraltar badly hit by U-Boats and aircraft
20th September 1941: Free French RAF pilot spots fugitives in the Channel
19th September 1941: Red Army suffers huge losses in another German 'kessel'
A history of the RAMC told through personal stories
18th September 1941: The new German strategy becomes apparent - the city 'must vanish from the earth's surface.'